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Fortifications - Mellieha Redoubt

The Mellieha Redoubt does not exist anymore and it was demolished in the 19th century to construct the road that leads to Cirkewwa via Mellieha village. The British Authorities in Malta had no interest in these fortifications and when they needed to construct something and one of these structures was in the middle of their project they demolished it.

The Mellieha Redoubt was in the middle of the bay between Westreme and Qassisu Batteries. Mellieha Bay is a large bay and very vulnerable to an invasion. Therefore, it had to be defended using all means possible. The redoubt was built from 1715-16 and costed some 1644 scudi. The Mellieha Redoubt was like the other redoubts built on the coast opposite Comino. It had a pentagonal platform, surrounded by a low parapet and had a rectangular blockhouse in the middle. It is interesting to note that it was one of the redoubts which were armed with artillery. By 1770 it was armed with four 6-pdrs and their gunpowder was stored in the Fort St. Agatha.1

1 Stephen Spiteri. Fortresses of the Cross: Hospitaller Military Architecture (1136-1798), A Heritage Interpretation Services Publication, Malta, 1994, p 543.


Researched and Written by: Charles Debono B.A.(Hons) History



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