MARIJA BAMBINA' is a 3 -11 Co-Educational Primary School. We aim to be a happy, well-run school to which children come eagerly and with a sense of belonging knowing that there is much that will challenge and stretch them, and confident that to do so is enjoyable; where they are treated as equals and therefore expected to treat each other as equals; and where there are high expectations of them in all that they do.


According to the census of 1851 there were very few literate people in Mellieha The first school in Mellieha was opened in 1871 and the Master in charge was Mr. P.P. Mifsud Bonnici. The enrolment figure reached fifty-seven boys who were put into one class. The school population increased gradually till the introduction of Compulsory Education in 1947. The school became Co-Educational on 19th September 1978. The first Kindergarten School at Mellieha Primary was opened on 29th October 1975.

At the beginning of the year 2000 the school population was 191 boys, 163 girls and 105 attend the Kindergarten - a total of 459.

The first school premises were at No. 17, Parish Square, Mellieha. The school was later transferred to other premises. After the restoration of self-government in 1942 work on the present new spacious school began and in the late fifties a second storey was added.

The first School Council was formed on 25th October 1989 and since then successive Councils have always been of great benefit to the school.

Mellieha Primary School has always had good relations with the Local Council since their formation in 1994. As a result of these contacts, Mellieha is not just a Primary School but also a Community School where various cultural activities and courses are held after school hours.

On the 20th May 1998 the name 'Skola Primarja Marija Bambina' was chosen by the School Council and was approved by the Education Authorities.

The school logo

The red and blue colours reaching up together are the boys and girls attending the school, which is symbolised by the yellow colour. On top is the rising sun, signifying the crucial early education offered by 'Marija Bambina Primary School'.


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