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Mellieha Basketball Team

The Mellieha Basketball Team is a non-profit organization. It also incorporates a nursery, where children and youths enjoy themselves, and in the meantime, they train to improve their skills. The Mellieha Basketball Team emphasizes on the point that drugs shall not interfere with sports; in fact, a festival is organized yearly, with the sole aim to educate the children to keep away from drugs. This festival is also a fund-raising event, where the funds collected are donated to charity.

The nursery and the adults' team of the Mellieha Basketball Team participate in several leagues and tournaments organized in Malta, and it's not the first time that good results are obtained. One of the memorable moments in the Basketball Team's history is the incredible victory over St.George's in 1996, making Mellieha the winners of the 2nd Division KO.


Committee Members:
Joe Fenech
Hillary Fenech
Tony Attard
Margaret Fenech
Jane Camilleri
Elaine Cutajar

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